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  • It was the summer of 1984 with my Dad on his boat fishing in Cape Cod. I was the only one to catch a fish that day and it was too small to keep. I’ll never forget how much he laughed as I struggled to reel in the fish and how much we both laughed to see how little it actually was once I pulled it up on board!

  • It was when I was in Honolulu with my grandparents posing for a photo that my father snapped of us holding parrots overlooking the ocean.

  • I remember my first snow storm when I was four years old. It was such a fun day making snowmen and sledding!

  • I can still smell the amazing aromas of my Grandmother’s enchiladas. That was my favorite smell growing up and one of my first memories.

  • Hunting for Easter eggs when I was a child. I remember smell of the freshly cut grass and the excitement of finding all of the eggs.