Hello, Amber here!

Stylish, bold, alluring– qualities exuded by every woman who enjoys a glass of one of my secret blend wines. There’s nothing I love more than sharing a glass of delicious wine with friends.

We first launched Amberhill a year ago to bring together my love for great wine, food and fashion. Wine doesn’t have to be expensive, food doesn’t have to be fancy and fashion doesn’t have to come from a runway in Milan or Paris – It’s what we make it, together, with our friends and loved ones. It’s the culmination of our shared experiences and exists in a world of our own making.

Along with my fabulous Secret Red and White Blends, I bring to you a fresh, fun modern way of enjoying wine though entertaining and socializing, living your life to its fullest, and just being you. So like Amberhill on Facebook, join our Secret Society, and follow my boards on Pinterest and lets have some fun together!