Welcome to my new webpage! I hope this post finds you enjoying a glass of one of my Secret Blends and relishing some alone time – resting, relaxing and taking a moment to appreciate the joys of wine and the world of Amberhill.

I first launched my wine a year ago to bring together my love for wine, food and fashion. Through this site we can share the pleasure that wine gives, our love for food that can enhance the experience, and our desire to feel good through intertwining health, beauty and fashion into this extraordinary fusion of all the things that bring us love and enjoy.

Wine doesn’t have to be expensive, food doesn’t have to be fancy and fashion doesn’t have to come from a runway in Milan or Paris – It’s what we make it, together, with our friends and loved ones. It’s the culmination of our shared experiences and exists in a world of our own making. I hope you join me on this journey and that this post – this blog – can be our home and a place where we indulge in our shared love.

                                                                       Until Next Time,